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House Cleaning service: How costly or how cheap?

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Since you’re interested in a house cleaning service then you’ve probably asked how much a house cleaning service is going to cost you. That’s a good question to ask, especially if you want to avoid being scammed. Contrary to what most people think, House cleaning service isn’t a luxury only the very rich can afford. It’s actually a very affordable service to use.

Thankfully, this and many more will be talked about in this blog post. And if your unique question isn’t clearly answered here you can check our related blog posts. We’ve talked about this topic a lot.

Maid 2 Kleen is not only the most experienced cleaning service in the area, but the most professional one as well. You can always count on our services and on our expertise to help you out in making the right decision.

berber carpet in living room decoration

Of course, it would be much easier if you would book us from the start, but if you want to know how much is a house cleaning service going to cost you, we are here to answer just that. First of all you should know that the prices for house cleaning and maid services vary widely. It can go from a few dollars to a few hundreds of dollars. The most important thing for you to keep in mind is that you do not need to spend a fortune in order to have a clean and neat house. All you have to do is properly assess your needs and find a company that can meet them for a reasonable price.

So how much is a house cleaning service going to cost you? Well, that certainly depends on the type of services you need. If you only need some vacuuming, a bit of dusting and someone to do the dishes then you might get away with just a few dollars. But if you need some serious work done in and around the house, you should expect the prices to be higher. The secret here is to be realistic and see exactly what your house needs and what services would be redundant for you. Once you figure this out, you will feel much more comfortable paying for the maid service.

Apart from how much is a house cleaning service going to cost you, you might also want to know just how professional that company is and how pleased their customers are with their services. This is exactly why you should go online and check them out. See if they have any reviews and, most importantly, see if they have any negative reviews. Depending on how their customers rate them, you will be able to tell if they are trustworthy or not, if you can count on them to do a good job or not. The bottom line is that if you do not have any recommendations from friends or family, you should not ignore this step.

Maid 2 Kleen may not be able to tell you exactly how much is a house cleaning service going to cost you, but we can tell you for sure that our services are the most affordable in the area!

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Beautify your Living Room with these tips

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Your living room is the life and buzz of your entire household. You watch your TV there, play games; it is the number one party venue, and the entire family hangs out in the living room. So, it’s very important to put a lot of attention into beautifying your living room. This is the first room your guests settle in. And the impression they take away from your living room will live with them for a very long time. If your living room doesn’t look and smell great, that won’t be what you want your guests to take with them. But a great-looking living room can easily increase the look and feel of a clean home. 

Maid cleaning service can help you maintain a living room this good-looking

Now, let’s look at some tips to beautify your living room:

Hire a maid

The best thing you can do for your home and living room is hiring a home maid service. A clean home is a healthy and great home, as they say and because of our busy lives, we cannot always keep our homes clean as older people used to do. To cater this issue, a many cleaning services exist that can send maids to your house for cleaning. Now, you may ask, how much does maid service cost? The answer is that there are minimal charges for this service. If you need cleaning services for your home, just give us a call at MAID 2 KLEEN.

Add plants

One of the great ways to liven up your living room is adding greenery and plants. It isn’t necessary that the plants are natural. Many artificial options are available in the market and are better than the natural ones in almost every way such as they don’t die and don’t need much maintenance.


Your furniture has probably stayed at the same place since you first bought it, on thing you can try is to re-arrange the furniture to give the setting a twist. For example, you can put a desk by the window, and reorient the couch towards the window or the fireplace instead of the tv.


Another small but beneficial thing that you can do is repurpose something from other parts of your house. You can take a decoration piece from the storage, put an old picture in a frame and hang it on a wall. You can repurpose anything that you think can blend in with the rest of the stuff in the living room.

Living room can look great like this with simple tips

Put a rug in the room

A rug gives the visitor an interesting impression as it does its job without going overboard. Rugs and carpets can be found at different stores for very cheap. These provide a look into the personality of the home owner because of their different colors and materials that are used to produce them.

If you want to increase the appeal of your living room, then these are some of the best tips and ideas that you can try out.

Give us a call at Maid 2 Kleen, we can totally handle everything on this article for you. You don’t need to invest your time and energy to make your home look great. You have us to handle this in the most professional manner.

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How to avoid expensive maid services this Christmas

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​Are maid services expensive?

No, not really. It all depends on who is charging.

We understand how important it is for you to have a clean home this Christmas so we took out the time to write down tried and tested tips to guide you against being overcharged by a home cleaning service company.

When it comes to maid services, people seem to be interested more about how much they cost, rather than how great of a job they are doing. It is no secret that we are not all willing to spend a lot for a service that we could do ourselves. After all, maid services only clean up around the house, it’s not actually rocket science, right? Wrong! It may not be rocket science, but maid cleaning services are definitely more than just cleaning up around the house. So before you go ahead and worry exclusively about how much maid services cost and about a maid service price list, you should know exactly what to expect and what to avoid.

Clean bathroom

Clean bathroom

How much should you pay for maid cleaning service? 

First of all, you should definitely avoid booking a maid service that you have never heard before. We suggest that you either book a service you have thoroughly researched online and that has numerous positive reviews, or a maid service that has been recommended to you by someone else. We understand that sometimes there are some price differences that seem to be unexplainable. We can guarantee that these differences are more than normal and they basically separate professional maid services from amateurs.

So if you are going through a maid service price list and, by comparison, it seems to be much cheaper that other services you have looked up, then that is your queue to run for the hills. Cheap maid services are always an indicator of unprofessional technicians. We can assure you that you wouldn’t want to leave your house in the hands of someone that had no previous training regarding various fabrics, certain cleaning products and so on.
Cleaning your home for a very Merry Christmas

Clean Kitchen in Gilbert, Az

Clean Kitchen in Gilbert, Az

Second of all, when checking out a maid cleaning service, you should also take a look at the things that they are willing to do. Most cleaning services have a regular routine that is most of the times meant to maintain a clean house rather than to actually clean it. However, when you are going through a maid service price list, you might want to check out the things that they are willing to do for an extra fee. You might not need your gutters cleaned today, but it would be a shame if you had to call somebody else to do it!
Last, but not least, when you are booking a cleaning service, make sure to be clear on what you want and on how you want things to be done. You may have certain items that you are particularly fond of or that need to be cleaned in a certain way. Don’t forget to mention that to the cleaning crew otherwise they won’t know that they need to be extra careful.
So before going through a maid cleaning price list make sure you know how to pick the right service. And if you really want the best, don’t hesitate to call Maid 2 Kleen!

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Why choose a maid service and how to choose the best one?

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Cleaning up around the house will always be one of the least pleasant things that we need to do regularly. Of course, we all want our houses to look amazing, welcoming and homey, clean and sanitary, but when it comes to actually doing the cleaning up, things get tricky. We always notice that we do not have enough time to clean up around the house, or that we have to put in too much effort to keep things nice. Well, if you are tired of always having to do the cleaning and never having the time to do it properly, then we have come up with the perfect solution for you. It may be time to look into hiring maid services.

This way, you get somebody else to do the job for you and you also have the certainty that whoever is cleaning up your house is a professional with a lot more experience than you have. This will guarantee that the maid service does a great job. Apart from that, you will no longer have to waste your time cleaning. You can enjoy other things or you can choose to be more productive in your new found spare time. No more doing things on the run from now on. You can actually take your time and do the things that you have always wanted to do.

Home and house cleaning maid service

However, you should know that reliable maid services are quite hard to find. You should think long and hard before booking someone and you should seriously look into the company. You should know how long they have been in the business, how many clients they have, if they have positive or negative reviews and so on. It is incredibly important to choose the right maid service. After all, you will be leaving your house with everything in it on their hands and there is definitely nothing wrong in making sure that you will get high quality services.

When it comes to booking someone to clean up around the house, we would actually suggest that you ask your friends or relatives if they know of any maid services in the area. This way, their recommendation means that the company is reliable and offers great services. However, if you really want to make sure that you have found the perfect maid service, you might want to consider booking Maid 2 Kleen. Having years of experience in this business, our company can guarantee that you get the most amazing services at the most affordable prices. We are definitely the best maid service not only in Phoenix, but in the surrounding areas as well, including Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and Scottsdale. Just give us a call and see for yourself just how professional our services are.


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