Best cleaning services at your disposal

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Best cleaning services at your disposal

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It is no secret that we have less and less time to deal with certain things such as cleaning up nowadays. We get busy with work at the office and we get tired and all of our energy seems to vanish in a heartbeat, so we find it more and more difficult to do everything on our own. This is exactly why most people now choose to ask for help from professionals, at least when it comes to cleaning up the house. It is much easier to book a maid service to do all the work in a couple of hours or even less.

And since we are talking about cleaning services, you might as well work with the best company in the business. Maid 2 Kleen has years of experience in the maid service business and really is the best service in the area. We pride ourselves in having the most skilled and dedicated maids and cleaning technicians and we also pride ourselves in being the top pick for residential and commercial customers all around the city. Our company has actually been the best maid service for years and we owe our success to our dedication and to our attention to detail.

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As a well – respected and highly appreciated cleaning service we have always held our work to the highest standards in order to be able to offer our clients the heist quality services. We always give our very best in order to not only meet our customers’ needs, but also exceed all of their expectations. Maid 2 Kleen has a very wide range of services that are specifically designed to target any type of client and, of course, any type of budget.

And speaking of budgets, most people think that a maid service is somewhat of a luxury and that not anybody can afford it. Well, we are here to break down this myth and to tell you that we are the most affordable cleaning service in the area. We guarantee that you will not be able to find a similar service with more competitive prices than ours. Like we set before, we set our standards very high and it is incredibly difficult for anyone to even come close to them.

You should also know that our company is not only able to work around your budget, but around your schedule as well. We perfectly understand just how busy people can get nowadays and that is exactly why we have come with an ideal system. We are able to work according to your schedule so that you do not have to change anything about your day. Our cleaning service will always be on time and our cleaning technicians will always do their work in a timely manner.


$10.00 off the first cleaning when you contact us within 24 hours of our sending the quote.
10% off your 3rd cleaning
15% off your 5th cleaning

We will have a monthly raffle of names from our regular customer base for 50% off the winners next cleaning (to be posted on the website and emailed to the winner).

We will have Holiday raffles throughout the year, of names from our regular customer base, for a free home cleaning (to be posted on the website and emailed to the winner).

We also offer our customers 10% off one home cleaning per each of their referrals that use us.

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Rest assured when you hire Maid 2 Kleen you get experienced home cleaning services and professional house cleaning.