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6 Tips on How to Keep Pets Messes Out of your Home

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Tips on How to Keep Pets Messes Out of your Home

Don’t we all love our pets? Personally, I’m a dog person. Her name is Snow and I just love her. But I’m sure we all would agree that keeping pets requires a lot of effort. A lot of that effort is spent keeping the house clean. To keep your home clean, you could either prevent the dirt from getting into your homes or you clean your homes regularly when they get in.

With the following tips, you can prevent dirt from your pets from getting into your home:

1. Create a cleaning station

A cleaning station outside the home could be set up for your pets. This helps ensure that they don’t bring the dirt into the house.  In the outhouse, there should be cleaning supplies present. Here are some things you’ll need for your cleaning station:


Wipes really come in handy when you want to quickly give your pet a wipe down. You can get the deodorizing wipes that will help you combat your pet odors.


These can be used to absorb mud and water that your pet might have picked up from the outside. This prevents them from taking the dirt into the house.

Spray Bottles

You can use this to wet any dry mud patches on your pet, especially in between the paws. It made it easier to wipe off.


Towels are used to dry your pets before letting them into the house. This comes in handy on rainy days.

Even after doing all these, our pets still manage to get thier messes into our homes. With the following tips, you can keep your home clean and smelling fresh even when our furry friends try so hard to mess it up.

2. Protect your Sofa

Pets just love to cuddle up on our sofas. You cannot stop them from doing that.  But you can ensure they do not damage your sofas. You could protect them by using throw blankets which are comfy as well.  And most importantly they prevent pet stains and fur from getting on your sofas.

3. Use spot cleaners

These are not only used for clothes they can be used for rugs and sofas too. They are used to get stains out of the sofa without making a mess.  This may not be necessary if the sofas are pet friendly, that is leather made or sofa made from micro fiber.

4. Vacuum regularly

However, regularly you vacuum your home before you get pets, triple it when you own pets. This is because now you have to deal with your pets hair at every corner. So it’s important to vacuum regularly to get them off your carpets and your home. You could sprinkle a little baking soda around your home before vacuuming to reduce pet odor.

5. Air your home

You can never go wrong letting fresh air into your home. Open all doors and windows whether it’s a warm day or a cold one. Let fresh air in, it will generally lift the atmosphere in your home. It’s a very inexpensive way to rid your home of pet odors.

6. Get a Professional Cleaner

Getting rid of small pet stains may not be difficult for you. But if you totally want to rid your homes of pet odors and allergens, then you need to employ the services of a professional cleaner. Maid2Kleen gladly wants to be of assistance to you. We know just how much you love your pets but prefer to have your home odor, dirt and allergen free.


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