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Keep Winter Messes Out with These Tips

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Keep Winter Messes Out with These Tips

Winter is was really beautiful. However, the beauty of this season comes with a lot of mess; muddy floors smells from wet pets and having to deal with snow or slush as soon as the door opens. You don’t want to step into spring with this mess.

You’ve tried cleaning your home regularly, but you just cannot seem the keep the mess outside the door. Maid2kleen offers the following tips to help you keep winter messes out.

A clean and beautiful home

No Shoes, no Problem

Shoes are like, the world’s dirt carriers. Let them into your home, they bring in dirt, grime and snow and then spread it all over the houses. If only there is a way to do without them. Well, we cannot live free of shoes, but we can limit the wearing of shoes indoors. Shoes could be left at the door, and socks could be worn around the house to keep the feet warm. So you achieve two important things with this method; a warm feet and a clean home. It’s a win-win situation.

Set up a Clean Station

Think about this; you have a corner where you can clean your yourself and your pets before getting into the house. Cool right? Now imagine this corner is right next to your door,  perfect isn’t it?.  This is a very good idea,  having a clean station.  A corner close to your door where you can take off your shoes, shake the snow off your coats and clean your pets.  This is very effective as you leave the dirt in the clean station before stepping into your home.  For a clean station to be very practical,  you’ll need the following in it.

  • An umbrella rack (wet umbrellas)
  • Coat hooks
  • A tray for wet shoes
  • A tray or basket for items
  • Towels to dry your pets

Don’t Let Messes in

If you don’t let winter messes in, they wouldn’t be a problem. You may be thinking; how can I do this? Well, you do not have to keep your family members or friends out. You just have to make sure that when they come in, they do not come in with dirt. An easy way to do this is to use a doormat. Not just a decorative mat, a quality mat that will do its job well. Let them know they are supposed to use it before getting into the house. The doormat is a simple but effective way to keep dirt out.

You may still not be able to keep winter messes out of your home. Don’t get frustrated, call on us at Maid2Kleen, we offer excellent cleaning service for your home and office. Contact us today and don’t take winter mess into Spring.


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